An image of three people weightlifting in a group fitness class.

Group exercise classes can be intimidating. There’s the loud music, the instructor with the perfect body, and everyone in the class who seem to know what they’re doing. It can be a lot, we get it. But, at Outlawz MMA and Fitness, we’ve designed workout classes that you’ll love no matter where you are in your fitness journey. We also have a ton of classes to pick from, so we guarantee you’ll find something you love. From Total Body HIIT and Kickboxing to MMA/Self Defense and Youth Classes, we have it all. We even offer classes specifically geared towards men, women, and children. They’re all different and unique and your workout routine should reflect that. Group fitness classes are amazing, and they can sometimes have a bad reputation, but we want to change that mindset by showing you some of the incredible benefits they give! 


Social Opportunities 

Attending a group fitness class is a great way to help get you off the couch and out of your home. By doing this, it allows you to meet people in your community who have the same goals and lifestyle as you. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, especially if you’re just getting into fitness, is great for motivation and can be extremely helpful. Making friends in fitness classes can also allow you to discover solutions to problems, gain helpful tips and tricks, or just talk with the other participants before and after class. If you’ve just moved into a new city, this is also a great way to get involved in the community. 


Extra Motivation

Group exercise classes are an incredible way to challenge yourself and workout beyond your perceived limitations. For most people, being put in a group setting makes them want to work out harder and push themselves to keep up with everyone. If you’re naturally competitive, you’ll love workout classes. Not only is there the natural competitive sense to it, but you also have the extra motivation from the instructor. All of our fitness instructors are there to push you to your limits but to also encourage you, which creates the perfect balance and makes you want to return to that same class. 

Proper Form/Technique

If you’re new to working out or you’re trying a new form of fitness, it’s important that you understand and execute proper form. All of our fitness instructors are properly trained and certified with having an ample amount of experience in order to then train you. Proper form allows you to avoid injury, but it also helps you get the most out of your exercise. Engaging in various forms of exercise classes can also help improve different parts of your body. If you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular system, try HIIT or kickboxing. If you’re looking to improve your flexibility, yoga and pilates are a great way to do that too. 


Opportunity To Try Different Forms of Fitness

Like we mentioned earlier, Outlawz MMA and Fitness have tons of different workout classes that you can choose from. Having a variety of workout classes in your weekly routine is a great way to create and build muscle confusion, which is incredible for helping your body build and tone while ramping up your metabolism. It also prevents boredom and helps create a new love for fitness. 


They’re Fun

Once again, it can be intimidating to go to a group fitness class especially if you’re by yourself. But once you’re in there, between the music, the instructor, and the endorphins that come from working out, fitness classes can be a ton of fun! Think about it, you’re surrounded by people who all have the same goals and want to succeed, which creates a more enjoyable experience when it comes to exercise. 



Group fitness classes cost money, and sometimes they can be a bit expensive. Depending on where you decide to take your workout classes, they may charge a cancellation fee too. These fees are usually around $15 to$20, which is a great motivation to get up and at ‘em and not waste your hard-earned money. There is usually some type of schedule, and if you’ve signed up for a specific workout class, that class may not be offered until the next week. Group fitness classes are great for holding yourself accountable, which is a great not only for your bank account but for your body too. 

At Outlawz MMA and Fitness, we want to see you succeed. With over 30 years in the industry, our team has incredible experience no matter what your goals are. Whether you’re looking to tone up and shed a few pounds, or if you’re wanting to compete in a physical fitness competition, we’ve got you covered. As we said, we also have a ton of different group fitness classes which can be found here on our schedule. Start your fitness journey with programs designed to meet your goals. Contact Outlawz MMA and Fitness today!